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Paros Island

Crossing the crystal clear blue waters of the dazzling Cyclades, the distant horizon will gradually reveal an authentic miracle of nature, the island of Paros. The islands atmosphere in combination with the unique breathtaking scenery will seduce you as Paros is considered to be one of the most attractive nymphs of the Aegean sea.

Paros is full of natural beauty, endless beaches, crystal clear waters, green scenery and untouched corners being in the same time one of the most cosmopolitan summer resorts offering intense night life. The multifarious personality of Paros will satisfy even the most demanding visitor.

Because of its central location in the Cyclades, probably more than one out of three ferries that leave Piraeus harbor for the Greek Islands, makes a stop at Paros, the trip takes about 3 hours with the fast ferries. The boats also pause here on their way back from the southern islands. Air links exist only with Athens at the moment, all with the Olympic Airways DASH 8. The trip to/from Athens takes about 25 minutes.A new bigger Airport is constructed that could host international chartered flights and will be ready next year. The neighboring islands of Mykonos and Santorini host international chartered flights.

Paros, one of the most cosmopolitan amongst Cyclades, every summer is full of life. The picturesque ports, the traditional villages, the beaches and the intense night life make this island one of the best choices for your vacation. Typical Cycladic island, Paros combines the white color of it's houses with the red of the hibiscus ,the green of it's grape vines with the golden of it's sandy beaches .All these come to a perfect harmony with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean.

The island has quarries of the most famous white marble in the world, the marvelous Parian marble.This marble is extremely fine - grained and almost transparent. It was used to build some of the most important monuments of the classic period such as, Ermis of Praxitelis, Niki of Samothrakis, and the forefront of the temple of Delphi. The quarries are located between Parikia, Agio Mina and Naoussa.

Paros has also given birth to many enlightened minds of the ancient times like the great poet Arhilohos who is considered to be of equal to Homer and the sculptors Skopas, Aristionas and Agorakritos.
It's an ideal vacation destination because the visitor can combine simple, calm and isolated time with cultural life, exceptional tourist services and cosmopolitan life.

Parikia, capital and main sea port of Paros is the center of all financial and tourist activity. It worth the while to visit one of the most important byzantine monuments in Greece, the church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani, which is connected directly to the name of Agia Eleni and Megalou Konstantinou. It's also interesting to see the ruins of the venetian castle, the Asklipieion, the Pythion, the Dylion with the temple of Artemis and the sanctum of Apollo, the archaeological museum and the cave of Arhilohos, and also the valley of the butterflies.

Worth mentioning monuments you can visit are also the Venetian castle of the 14 century, the akropoli of Koukounarion, the museum of Byzantine and Post Byzantine art, the Kimisi of Theotokou, Agios Nikolaos and the monastery of Loggovardas.

Meet the villages!

Wander through beautiful traditional villages like Naoussa, a colourful village, where the ruins of a Venetian fortress stand at the entrance to its small harbour. Lefkes is located at the highest point of Páros and enjoys stunning views of the island. The village is set up in the mountains and is surrounded by a rich green landscape. It has very well preserved Cycladic and neoclassical buildings, beautiful squares and narrow marble alleys. The Museum of Aegean Folk Culture at Léfkes offers a tour of the culture of the Archipelago; discover the Aegean world through its exhibits, which include pieces related to the architecture, traditional trades and geology of the islands.

Marpissa, founded in the 15th century, is a traditional village with a distinctive medieval character. It is located on a hill, a few kilometres away from the famous beaches of Loyarás and Písso Livádi. You can also visit the impressive Monastery of Ayios Antonios (17th century) on the hill of Kéfalos, where the ruins of a 15th century Venetian castle stand, and enjoy a wonderful view of the sea. Petaloúdes is an area of stunning beauty near the village of Psychopiana. The habitat is rich in vegetation and running water, with tall plane trees, laurels, wild olive trees, and carob trees covered in ivy that play host to the butterfly species Panaxia quadripunstaria.

Piso Livadi:About 8km south of Naussa is the wonderful resort of Piso Livadi, with a small harbour frm where you can visit the neighbouring island of Naxos. Here you will find cafes, fish tavernas and restaurants that are built around the port. There is a small sandy beach with tamarisk trees and not far away is the larger beach of Logaras.

Drios: About 23km from Parikia and 1 km from Chrisi Akti is the village and beach of Drios. The main road to Drios beach is small and winding util you reach a free car park where you can leave your vehicle and walk the short distanct to the beach.

For nature lovers a few kilometres outside Parikia is the Valley of the Butterflies and there are organized tours to this area. Close to this valley is the nun's Monastery of Christ of the forest. At Marathi you can visit the caves of the nymphs. They are two by number, and by the entrance of the first there is a sculpture of the nymphs.

At Dilio are the remains of the ancient temple to Apollo, and about 11km outside Parikia is the famous Asclepio, the temple to the god of medicine where the ancient Greeks sought remedies for various illnesses.

What about beaches?

 Sun-drenched beaches, like Chrissí Aktí, Santa Maria and Poúnda, welcome sun-loving visitors who want to enjoy the crystal clear sea, the sun or even their favourite water sports! Every year Chrissí Aktí is the venue for the Windsurfing World Championship. On the sea bed at Alykí beach, to the southwest, you can explore the ruins of an ancient town!

• Don’t miss the opportunity to live experience an exhilarating touring all around the coast of the island by canoe or kayak! Enjoy the unusual natural landscape with impressive white rock formations on Kolymbíthres beach. The beach of Kalóyeros, surrounded by red and green clay rocks offers a really effective spa for free! Cover your body with clay and let it dry in the sun; after a while rinse yourself in the sea and your body will feel softer than ever!

Extra tip: Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the small islet of Antíparos, lying southwest of Paros, which can easily be reached from Poúnda or Parikiá by boat. The Hora (Main Town) of Antíparos is built around a 15th century Venetian castle. The stone paved streets, the whitewashed alleys, the houses decorated with thriving pink and purple bougainvilleas and the central square in the shade of eucalyptus trees create an enchanting atmosphere. On Áyios Ioannis Hill lies the cave of Antíparos, distinctive for its marvellous stalagmite and stalactite formations whereas sun-kissed beaches will offer you unforgettable moments of serenity.

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